Headteacher’s Welcome
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It is my pleasure as Headteacher to welcome you to the Edith Kay Independent School.

We are a small, dedicated community with high expectations for each of our pupils. Our pupils are offered a personalised learning journey and we actively set out to ensure that every young person thrives in all aspects of the curriculum. Our pupils are fully informed and active in their learning journey and have every capacity to achieve their aspirations successfully.

Preparing our young people for a successful and enriched future alongside ensuring our pupils are able to contribute to their community and society, irrespective of their starting point, is key to our vision. Our values of personal responsibility and respect are integral to our ethos where views, beliefs and differences are appreciated. This is in keeping with the support of our families and underpinned by our wellbeing programme.

Life at Edith Kay School is diverse, inspirational and aspirational. We offer a carefully structured curriculum led by our valued professional team of experts. We firmly subscribe to a collaborative, reflective, outward facing community in ensuring that each phase of our young person’s career is meticulously supported and extended by the Edith Kay team. Our offer is further enhanced by a variety of opportunities available to enrich learning and development such as extra-curricular programmes, outreach partnerships and guest speakers.

Edith Kay Independent School is ambitious for our young people and our website outlines our vision and our school community’s progress.